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Aika's an original character created by American artist/animator Cherioux.


She has become a major icon in the animation meme community,considering she inspires so many people, and is even frequently mentioned by other animators and artists.


Aika is a cream-colored cat with tan spots, short, curly, chocolate-brown hair with bangs and a fluffy tail. She also has blue ear innards along with blue paw pads and claws, she has rosy cheeks, and pink blood.

In anthropomorphic form, Aika is 3 feet tall and weighs 50 pounds.She is sometimes depicted wearing clothes. In feral form, Aika is 5-7 inches tall and weighs 10 pounds. Sometimes, she is also depicted without hair in her feral form.

Maxresdefault (1).jpg


She is kind, nice and sensitive towards others. She cares more for others than herself, and acts playful and somewhat childish. Her hair is curly when she's happy and flat and wavy when she's mad, upset, sad,and or frustrated.


  • She has been used and mentioned numerous times by many animators including Nhyku and Yeagar.
  • She is known for her hair looking similar to Darcie by Canadian artist/animator, Yeagar. She is often featured in some of her memes due to the great similaritys.
  • She is possibly the youngest OC in the animation meme community.
  • She is one of the many OCs in the animation meme community to have brain and or mood-powered hair.