Pet_PetTale is an american animator with a YT Sister known as Friday Love, And a few of her friends by her side such as Ginger Blaze , Kallie , Katie Kat and a few others.

Pet_PetTale made an UnderTale AU called , well , PetTale . Pet_PetTale animates the OCs she made for this AU.

About the PetTale AU

The AU is cursed , along with 37% of it's original people , including Pet, In day, it seems to just be Japan stuck into an AU and called it a day while everything is almost cheaper then 100 dollars within the AU unless it's a mansion , But at night the village will disappear and once it's gone you either need to survive the whole night stuck on the forest path with creatures trying to kill you (camping is still kinda possible) , or you just leave and wait for it to be day. At night , there is a 50% chance of the so called "infected" part of PetTale's people to become some kind of monsters , some can control it , and some can not.

one of the features of the AU Pet_PetTale has made is that PetTale blocks out all visiting people or make sure to tell the people that moved into PetTale to lock their doors in order to try and protect them from so called "scientists " that originally cursed petTale and only come to see their " work " as they call it in November from the 1st to the 11th. Other people from other AUs like to visit PetTale often , but half of them leave before it gets dark and the some others will stay in PetTale as a vacation in a hotel or one of the 4 underwater hotels.

_Equipment _

Pet_PetTale uses mostly Flipclip to do her animations


Pet has made a few OC's/characters for PetTale such as P.T Sans , PetTale twins , Nugget , BunBun (the white frosting bunny that was shown in her Marble Soda meme and "animation effects ") , Liz and her main OC , Pet.

Pet_PetTale picked the name " Pet " has her OC's cover up name , and her nickname simply because she rather be called "Pet" then her actual name for safety reasons , but some of her close friends can call her by her real name.


  • Pet_PetTale's Main OC ,Pet, is 21 years old
  • Pet_PetTale's AU was inspired from Scootaloo Loves Sans's [now known as Synnibear03] UnderTale AU and the all well known UnderTale Omega timeline
  • Pet_PetTale made her AU is one of the cheapest AUs due to them being a literal English version of japan and other AUs somehow giving them food weekly or even monthly
  • The trees in PetTale are red willow cherry blossom sakura trees
  • Pet_PetTale respects everyone but people who trace and are rude to their viewers
  • Pet_PetTale lacks a few emotions but still tries to imitate them
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