Animation Meme Wiki

Hello Animation Meme Wiki,

We have created a discord sever for the animation meme wiki, and for animation memes.

This is where you can go on and you can share your memes and give some tips about what pages on this wiki need to be edited for the admins.

Invite link:

Here is a back-up one!

Discord Server Rules

  1. Do not harass or threaten other users.
  2. Do not post anything thats NSFW on the general channel. Put it on the NSFW channel tab.
  3. Do not defame or promote drama or politics or anything political talk. (NO Racism, sexism, homophobia, or and kind of hate speech, etc.)
  4. Do not promote suicide or self-harm.
  5. Do not evade a ban with another account. Work it out with us.