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This page is still under construction, and rules may change and be added frequently.

This is the rules page of the wiki. Rules are to keep people safe. We aren't trying to stop you from having fun, we just want to make sure everyone has the best possible experience while on the wiki. If you are about to write or create the article, please read the rules before starting.

Actions & Language

This is the following list of rules that are prohibited and discouraged within social situations or editing the person's page:

  • Persecution acts: Do not discriminate and harass anyone directly of their race, sexual orientation, gender and identities, disability, or religion. For example, Don't be homophobic/transphobic or use autism as an insult.
  • Sexual acts: Do not say inappropriate or anything explicitly pornographic in nature with anyone in the public eye. Making some slight references like innuendos is okay as long as you aren't trying to aim it at someone and they're not okay with it.
  • Harmful acts:
    • Do not encourage or promote harmful and violent actions or thoughts (suicide/self-harm).
    • Do not share material that depicts or contains depictions of self-harm/suicide.
    • Do not share material that's likely to trigger thoughts of self-harm/suicide.
  • Privacy:
    • Do not share personal e-mail addresses of animators.
    • Do not share personal Facebook profiles of animators.
  • Ridiculing acts: Do not insult or be a jerk against that specific person. Do not use death threats, ageism, racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, and etc.
  • Quarreled acts: Do not conduct spiteful arguments and drama between the other user. This is a form of harassment and you will be blocked under no circumstances if you promote drama or work it up.
  • Discrimination acts: Do not use this site to defame or otherwise humiliate any animators featured in this wiki.
  • Political acts: Do not discuss politics anywhere in this wiki or be nationalistic or xenophobic against the person. There are no exceptions to this.
  • Doxxing: Do not dox or share other people's personal information. Breaking this rule will result in a ban.
  • Threatening & Harassment: Do not threaten or harass other users or the people featured in the articles (animators or critics/reviewers).

Creating page & Editing policies

This list will follow all the rules you must observe when editing or creating the article of the wiki.

The concept of the wiki is specifically intended to document any person or thing associated with animation memes or other art-form memes. If the person, internet subculture, or anything is/was involved in the animation meme community and its content, such as Pkrussl, Sleepykinq, Countryhumans, Gacha, etc, then it's welcoming to add this specific content into the wiki. So thus, this is not a mainspace to add inclusively all animators, artists, meme humorists, and others that don't associate with this subgenre of the animation community. Do not create pages that aren't relevant with animation memes, for example, storytime animators, speedpaint artists, or anything in between.

Below shows each rule in the bullet form that is especially necessary to obey when contributing to the wiki.

  • Don't vandalize pages. Do not vandalize the articles of the wiki.
  • If you're adding the information that specific person's (controversies, etc), your paragraph must contain a citation to legitimize if it's true. Without the cite and justifications, your paragraph will result in getting removed from the article.
  • Do not start editing wars; disagreeing about page's aspects, and repeatedly override each other's contributions.
  • Do not add sentences that primarily compliment or advertise that specific person. This is supposed to be an informational site and you should try to stick to facts, not opinions. The example follows: "He/she's the best animator in the WORLD!!!" or "Check out this dude/dudettes kawaii stuff!" to describe an animator. Please use those sentences into somewhere else like discussion, blog, or article's comment section.
  • Use proper grammar and spelling in articles. This is often times the article will be harder and frustrating to read for the viewers.

The results of following these mistakes will have your new page deleted, or in articles, your edit will be reverted or uncommonly rewritten and wikified to meet the wiki's quality standards.

  • Don't add too much personal information into animators` (including yourself) articles. This is the most perilous rule to commit, as not only is it against Fandom`s rules, it can also put someone at risk.

Creating original characters' page

If you are about to create that specific animator's character page, you must first type out the animator's name, add the slash punctuation (/), and then the character's name (e.g Stariaat/Annie).

Uploading images into the wiki

When you are uploading the animator's account's icon into the infobox, remember that the image must have the exact same name to the animator's name you are uploading.

Also, the saved image of the animator's icon must be in a JPG file format, since YouTube only supports this format type when uploaded as an icon. However, if you are using animator's icon from other alternative sites, such as Scratch that supports both GIF and PNG formats exclusively, you are welcome to use those formats, unless you're using other formats, specifically JPG.

Failure to follow these rules respectively may result in either a warning or a temporary block of your account. If the behavior continues further, you may be blocked even longer depending on how many violations you have committed on the wiki.