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Birdie (born September 22, 2004, often referred to as strawberrix, lücifer, jack, and formerly known as alias) is an American animator and artist, and famous individual of the animation meme community.

Birdie is an animation meme community member, and is famous for the many controversy's associated with in the animation meme community, as well as the YouTube community. He has numerous YouTube channels that have either been deleted, terminated, and continues to make videos and maintain a new channel.



Polly was Birdie's first fursona, and dearly his most popular character across the animation meme community. Polly is an anthropomorphic avian character possessing yellow feathers, orange beak, and blue clothing.


Pinkilicious is a newer fursona of Alias, proceeded by Birdie. He was created in October 2019. The character itself is an imitation and mockery of typical 2000s to early 2010s characters sporting erratic bright colors, and often referred to as "sparkledogs" or uncommonly "sparklecats".

Past controversies

This controversy section is for historical and educational purposes. Do NOT harass this person for those specific controversies mentioned here, neither they're done before or very recently.

Rosey drama

Rosey, Birdie's girlfriend at the time got her phone taken away and reset. Instead of telling the truth about what happened, Rosey pretended to be a friend of herself and told Birdie that she was in a coma. A troll came along, pretending to be Rosey, and said that she had three days left to live. In the end, the troll revealed themselves and Rosey told the truth about her phone being reset.

Fontik Drama

Kittydog / Psycho Birdie situation

Of all the drama he's been involved in, this is possibly the most well known case. Back when he was a Kittydog fangirl, Birdie made an alternate account called psycho!birdie. On this account, he uploaded a video of himself killing Kittydog fangirls to the song "Pretty Little Psycho".



The video that started the drama

Much later Birdie was saying that he wanted to kill Kittydog.

Chicken Brent does not approve

This drama is another one that made Birdie very infamous. During this time he made an alternate account with drawings of porn of Polly and Mystery. He even drew ship art of them and of Skrill's persona. All of this happened while Birdie was in a relationship.

Fontik bullies Birdie

Dogedust and Fontik went against Birdie and started bullying him. In response Birdie made the wonderland meme as a vent which made things a whole lot worse.


Deleted birdie video- wonderland meme

The wonderland meme

Strawberrix situation

Apparently, Birdie was posting memories of Fontik and himself. Birdie had supposedly accidentally revealed Fontik's face and name. Even after claiming it was an accident, many people insisted that he purposely doxxed her.

Dogedust fakes suicide

In this drama, Dogedust faked suicide to go onto her old account "Doki Paul". During this time, Birdie was really depressed because he thought that Dogedust was actually dead. It turned out that it was all fake and Fontik and Dogedust had planned it.

The Stream drama

Around February 2018 during his live stream with his friends, Birdie and his mom were arguing about the privacy of their address and leaking it to Dogedust in the middle of the stream. His mom threatens to shut down his monitor, call the police, and explains it's perilous. Birdie asks for the promise for the moment, leave hi , but continuously refuses his mom's demand for safety. His 3 friends agree with his mother's statements and demand Birdie to follow his mom's behest.

Birdie's channel gets terminated

In February 2018, Toxikai, Dogedust, and the rest of his server decided to collaboratively false report all of Birdie's videos in hopes of terminating his channel. After the plan was successful, Birdie's channel got terminated. As a result, Dogedust and Toxikai received backlash from all of Birdie's fans. Toxikai rightfully accuses Dogedust's fault as Toxikai only mentioned the plan.

Users speculate that the reason behind of terminating Birdie's channel is to sacrifice in saving Birdie from tendencies of committing suicide. (Suicide hotline number: 800-273-8255 )

Toxikai drama

During the controversy, Toxikai broke up with Birdie for unknown reasons.

After the breakup, he explicitly asked to conduct inappropriate roleplay with some of Birdie's friends, and when they all rejected him, he threatened to exterminate the entire animation meme community in the mass reporting, which frightened many users and animators into private their videos to avoid this circumstance. He did not have very much success in doing so.

He became notorious in the community and mockingly referred to a sexual harasser frequently. This also sparked a trend where users ship Toxikai with Spoctor during the state of falsely accused of being a pedophile.

Himeguts drama

Around 2020, Birdie had an outburst after another animator, Himeguts, broke up with him. As a result, he ended up making hateful art out of them on his DeviantArt account, hate videos (mostly in his alternate accounts, such as "gamers against himeguts", "jack the edgelord", "7" and "LUCASFER") and trash-talking them on his Discord channel.

With her low reputation on DeviantArt, she attained some group of trolls and their spam comments of mostly lyrics of songs on his posts. A lot of their usernames end with "guts" or "gutz", imitating himguts' username, and contain deviations of traced or imitated of other artwork of mocking and harassing her. The group of those users is often referred to as "gutz gang".

The example of users on DeviantArt are; nagitoguts, CristaliGuts, villagerguts, and many more.