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Art she has uploaded on Amino.

Candypawz, (Also known as Candy or Savy), is an American 13-year-old animator on Youtube. She is currently 13, and has 526 subscribers. Candy has three different channels, one being her old channel, which started back in 2015. Her second channel is her main one, which she posts animations and speedpaints, etc on it. Her third channel is more of a spam/backup channel. She is commonly seen talking to Kayla The Fluffy Wolf, Sodeez, etc.


Candypawz has 526 subscribers and 211 videos.

Popular Videos

- Her Awkward Meme is her most popular video, but she has unlisted it due to it being traced. She apologized for it. It featured Kitten Cloudy.

- Her I Need You Back Meme is what really set off her channel. Someone who did the meme was reviewed by Pkrussl on his popular show "Animation Meme Review." It featured her main oc, Candy. This was also one of her original memes.

- Her Insanity Scourge Map is her 3rd most popular video. She confirmed it that is cancelled due to lack of motivation to continue it and having many parts untaken.

- Her Oh Yeah meme, the meme originally created by Baked Potonion, is her 4th most popular video. It features her main oc, Candy.

- Her I Can Talk meme falls into the 5th most popular video category. It featured Lumine from the popular Webtoon, "Lumine."

- Her My Cat meme features several of her ocs, Brownrose, Ginger, Nuki, Laf, Junebug, and Cloud. This is her Brownrose AU.

- Her Toxikai Is Back At It Again video features her real voice, talking about the drama.

- Her In Luv W U original meme features her oc, Brownrose.


- Candy is her most used and most popular character. She is a bright pink cat with red ear insides and a dark violet nose. She has large mint-green eyes. Candy has a dark red bandanna with a red diamond-shaped gem on it.

- Glimer is one of her first ever made characters. He is a bright blue feline with a third eye on his forehead. The male has a light blue tail tip and pale gold eyes. His name was accidentally misspelled from "Glimmer."

- Brownrose is one of her oldest ocs, but recently added to her youtube channel characters. She is a brown german shepsky with light blue eyes. Her ear tips are black and her paws are cream. She has an "AU' version of her where she is insane, as shown in her "my cat" meme.

- Jane is a husky with one brown eye. Half of her face is torn off, so is her left ear. Candy has made jokes about her being a "Brightheart ripoff."

- Raccoon is one of Candy's warrior cats ocs. He is brown with light brown features.

- Shadow is a grey feline with light grey, dark grey, and black features on her with light blue eyes, and one blind eye.

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Some Information

Candy is a female, and has confirmed her sexuality as lesbian.

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