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Susannah "Suzie" Ehlinger (born July 5, 2003), known as chinjireta online, and formerly as darlinqq and chérioux, is an American animator, artist, and singer from Huntsville, Alabama.


In her YouTube channel, she has over 150,000 subscribers and over 12,500,000 channel views on YouTube. She is a fan of Vocaloid music, Studio Ghibli films, and Nintendo games, and is studying French and Japanese.

She joined YouTube on September 6, 2010.

Personal Life

Suzie was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States to Jewish American-French parents and has moved to Huntsville, Alabama, USA. She began drawing when she was 8 years old.


She uses Adobe Animate/Flash for her animations, Paint Tool SAI to draw her artwork and her exported frames from Flash, and Sony Vegas Pro 14 to edit her videos all on a PC, and a Huion G221 drawing tablet.



Aika is a bubbly, energetic, childish five-year-old cat who is featured in many of Suzie's animations and art pieces. Aika is a very cat-child-like character. she tends to care for others more than herself, and is quite naive about things. she's usually very upbeat and energetic, and when she is sad, she is usually cheered up very quickly. she loves to hang out with her friends, although at times they might find her kind of annoying. her voice is very high-pitched and varies depending on who she's speaking to. her hair tends to become more curly when she is happier, and wavier when she is upset. She was canonically born to Darkie.

She was created in 2014, and has maintained her status as one of Suzie's main characters.


Rina is a 21-year-old red fox who often serves as a deuteragonist in Suzie's animations, alongside Aika. They seem to have a strong bond with Aika, even babysitting her from time to time. They are agender, and can be depicted with either male or female anatomy. Their name seems to be derived from "Marina and the Diamonds," an artist Suzie admires. rina is a very parent-like character, they are very motherly to others younger than them, and they love to bake for other people. they're usually outside, and almost always is wearing a dress, even in male form. from time to time, they babysit aika, and they take her out for chinese or japanese food all the time. they're actually aika's favorite babysitter!


Cerise is a 17-year-old tanuki serving as Suzie's fursona. Cerise is a pretty shy, yet outgoing individual. She really likes to joke around with others, and is very affectionate. She tries her hardest to be kind and understanding to everybody she meets. However, she does have very bad anxiety, and can be quite timid at times, and doesn't trust herself as much as she trusts her friends and loved ones. She is also extremely empathetic.


Papillon is an 18-year-old lop-eared rabbit from Bordeaux, France. He's feminine and is often mistaken for a girl. Papillon is a very soft, sweet character. He's originally from Bordeaux, France, so English is not his first language! He sometimes makes mistakes and has a slight accent.

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  • She is known for being heavily involved with Canadian artist and animator yeagar.