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An example of an animation meme involving Countryhumans.

Countryhumans is an Internet fandom established around of humanizing and personating countries, typically portrayed by possessing spheric heads and the entire human body. Likewise, it's often accomplished having national or stereotypical outfits and/or other stylistic choices, such as distinct physical appearances. Countryhumans were inspired and reinvented by Countryballs (Polandball) and share similarities to Hetalia.

Within the communities, the fandom is extremely prevalent across the animation meme community.


Since the huge demand, this community has inspired many other spinoffs as well and utilized by many animation meme animators.

  • Social Media Personified: Also known as Social Media Humans or Social Media Humanified, is a form of anthropomorphism of personifying popular social applications or websites, for example, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The spin-off was devised and popularized by ThisIsFrog.
  • Country Cats: This community specializes in anthropomorphizing countries into domestic cats. The country cats, for the most part, use the same body shape and fur of the specific country, occasionally with the additional stereotypical accessories. The idea was popularized by a Korean animator, 써뉴sunyu.
  • Country Dogs: Reintroduced in April 2019, the community utilizes anthropomorphizing domestic dogs with selective breeds depending on their country's origins.


  • The fandom also received its own website dedicated to them,, especially the wiki on FANDOM, CountryHumans Wiki. The Fandom has been closed for unknown reasons during August 2021.