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CrazedCake (formerly known as Creative Bunny 45) is an Irish animator. They animate Roblox Piggy, as well as their own characters. Their main OC is Cupcake.

They are also widely known for appearing on Turkish news in 2020.

Original Characters

  • Cupcake
  • Maddie (Madelaine)
  • Avi (Avigail)
  • Rayy
  • Violet
  • Cody


  • They were formerly known as Creative Bunny 45 until 2017. CrazedCake became a Roblox Piggy animator in July 2020, and is currently one of the most well-known animators in the Piggy community. In October 2020, he released a video "ROBLOX PIGGY is on the NEWS". Turkish news channel ATV used his animations in a news report without consent and cropped CrazedCake's watermark out of the report.
  • In 2016, CrazedCake became best friends with the animator Shgurr and they made multiple collaborations together. Many speculate the two artists are involved romantically, with their fans shipping them with one another. People also believe they are roommates.
  • CrazedCake is currently working on a series called Crazed Heist.