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A Fursona (derived from "furry" and "persona") is an original character which represents the owner of the character in some way. The character may be based directly on its owner, as an abstract (and possibly idealized) representation of self, or may simply be an original character which has become associated with them, for reasons such as being used frequently in art or being depicted in online avatars. As fursonas are a part of furry culture, they normally are based on animals. Fursonas are usually designed by their owners (but not always).

There are many popular fursonas across the internet, and fursonas are prominent in the animation meme community on YouTube and Patreon, being used as a key feature alongside other original characters. They have been used numerous times throughout internet and furry community history, and are still used today as the main character has on their channel. (ex. Annie is Brazillian artist and animator stariaat's main fursona.)


  • It is a play on the words, "persona" and "furry".