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A Fursona is a terminology referring to a type of OC, (usually an anthropomorphic furry character) that is the main and most accurate representation of the creator of the it depending on how the creator wants it or what their idea of their ideal self looks like when they draw it.

It is a termolgy usually referring to OC's themselves, but the terminologies are slight different in origins and exact meanings.

There are so many popular fursonas across the internet as well as the animation meme community on YouTube and Patreon, and have been used as a key feature along with OC's. They have been used numerous times throughout internet and furry community history, and are still used today as the main character has on their channel. (ex. Annie is Brazillian artist and animator stariaat's main fursona.)


  • It is a play on the words, "persona" and "furry".