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Ghostfacenikol (born January 22, 1999) also known by her real name Nikol or jokingly Sans from Undertale, is a Lithuanian animator whose primary OC is Cream pie.


Nikol started her channel back in 2012, but she started making weekly content since 2016 November. She is a school graduate (according to her Instagram) and is now an animation student at university.

Art Style

Her art style seems to be both western and japanese inspired. Her style has a lot of detail put in it, utilizing a lot of bright vivid colors. Nikol also likes to implement space, star, and pastel aesthetic into her work.


  • Her OC Creampuff got a haircut and has changed a lot over time.
  • She can understand Russian, English, Polish, and Lithuanian
  • She makes story driven animation memes to tell more about her main characters like Cream Puff, Cream Pie, and Vincent.
  • Besides animation memes, she created other type of content such as animated story times and speed paints.
  • Nikol is biromantic and asexual.
  • She had her own comic "Crimson" on webtoons.
  • Nikol has a running joke that she is sans from undertale.

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