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KAIJAACK Animation Studios is an American animation studio that is known for their OC Kaijaack Jones. He is the face on the logo for the company, and is often featured all the time.

They are known for wanting to be completely anonymous.


Their main mascot of the company is Kaijaack Jones. A 14 year old little British boy who is homosexual who has snipers for arms, and has girly hair up in a ponytail and emo-style side swept bangs.

He gets bullied because of his gun prosthesis's and tries to cover it up by pretending to be a crazy and obnoxious freak in front of everyone and is mischievous by nature. His boyfriend is Chuck, whom he often annoys a lot, much to his annoyance.


Not much is known about this company other than the fact that its only being ran by one person.

There is a huge amount of evidence of KAIJAACK being American musician, artist, and animator Devin Millar based on the art style, and also from sources to calls to them. The IP Addresses of KAIJAACK, show that he is from somewhere near Portland, Oregon much like where he lives in real life. Devin has yet to mention anything about the project despite all of this.

Their logo is Kaijaack Jones's, their main OC, head and face smiling directly at the camera with wide and empty eyes.

There are multiple animated logos they have made of Kaijaack Jones saying the company name in a vocoded voice, one of him laughing playfully, and one of him saying, "Oh no! My body my head!"


The curve tool, a Wacom Cintique Companion 2, FireAlpaca, and Premiere Pro and After Effects to make their animations.


They are known for their sexualized and avant-garde take on the infamous Cal Arts style as their art style, and their overall theme is a cross between Saturday Morning Cartoon-like, Looney Tunes, and early 80s and 90s/early 2000s inspired. They also are known for very heavy genderbending, and recreating old commercials, tv shows, and films to make it seem more suitable for social neutrality or to make it less upsetting in nature, being against censorship of every type, and helping out smaller animators.



  • Close Up
  • Pusher


  • The Little Engine That Could 2: Return of the Railroad (Upcoming)
  • The Little Engine That Could 3: The Treasure Island (Upcoming)


  • Trix Cereal and Yogurt Commercials 2020 ("Here you go rabbit, Trix is more than just kids!") (Upcoming)


  • Skechers Hydee Hi-Top Commercial But It Has a Happy Ending (2020)


  • They're working on a really big animation project they have been working on for "2 years or so".
  • Kaijaack Jones, along with all of their other characters bear the same look. (Long hair, ponytail, androgynous looks for both men and women, and bangs of some sort.)
  • This is the only animation meme channel that is a company.