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Kaijaack Jones is an OC created by animation company KAIJAACK Animation Studios. He is used in numerous animation memes created by KAIJAACK Animation, and has become an iconic character among the fans of the company.


He is a British boy who has long brown hair (sometimes colorless and making it black in some videos) in a ponytail with bangs, sometimes with a giant white bow as well, pale skin, a black jumpsuit, black sneakers, and snipers for arms. Even though in colored versions he has brown hair with caucasian skin, he is often left un-colored for the sake of every meme he is in.

He wears a variety of outfits but rarely wears anything too boyish. He mostly wears the same black jumpsuit, but often is seen in dresses, skirts, and sweatpants on occasions.


He was born without any arms, and so his parents had to get him surgery at birth to give him humongous snipers for arms.

As a result of this, he is often bullied and judged by others for it.

He is often depressed, sad, and somewhat selfish because not a lot of people like him for his situation. He tries to mask it by being crazy and a freak to a boy he likes named Chuck.

He can pick up things and interact with daily things despite it. He even sometimes uses his guns them to walk if his legs get tired due to them being larger than him.


  • He is based on Edward Scissorhands.
  • He is homosexual. He hasrrasses a boy named Chuck, who is often annoyed with his antics.
  • His voice sounds like Rocko from Rocko's Modern Life.

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