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KiLLALLFLiES (born 18 December 1999), formerly known also as GHOSTPUKE and ENDPAIN on Youtube, and by his real name, Alex, is a Polish animator and artist who made animation memes, speed paints and more recently actively posts art pieces on his Instagram. He created his currently YouTube account on August 5, 2016, and also have, as said before, an Instagram account.


Alex is a bisexual transgender man who was born on 18 December 1999 in Poland. He has white skin, dark brown short hair, which is sometimes dyed, and also dark brown eyes.

He started his artist life first on YouTube and DevianArt, posting artworks and mostly animation memes, occasionally doing some collabs with other animators. At some point, he deactivated his DA account and started being more active on Instagram, using a lot of different usernames until settled with KiLLALLFLiES. With time, he got slower on YouTube and started full focusing in developing his art style and his Instagram account, gaining a lot of followers there. Unfortunately, Instagram, without warnings, closed his first account, but he persevered and made another one, which is the one he is currently using. Now, he rarely posts on Youtube, but his account is still there, with over 35K subs, and sometimes he uses it to livestream while drawing.

He attended graphic design in university but didn't really enjoyed the course and later dropped out. After this, he searched for non art related jobs and got employed in some, working there either for weeks or months, quitting them at some point for various reasons. Nowadays, Alex works mostly doing commissions, YCHs, adoptables, art trades and regular art posts on Instagram.

He also has an online shop but it hasn’t been updated in a while.

Original concept: Nephilim the “Angel People”

In Killallflies’ words: A nephilim is a combination of a regular person and a higherl being. This sort of merging can only occur during near death experiences or states of extreme altered consciousness. One in several billion people is a nephilim. There is usually no more than a few nephilim living at the same time, and most of the time, they will hide their true form and abilities.

Nobody knows what those beings really are, all that is known is that they come from another, higher dimension. Only the very few who had a chance to witness them know of their existence. They are utterly incomprehensible in all meanings of that word and cannot be properly described or portrayed, but those who saw them say they are similar to a flickering, pulsating, iridescent light that takes on shapes out of this world. They emanate warmth and their "voice" is that of a crowd of people whispering or singing all at once. Those who have communicated with them usually say they were taken to a sort of a meadow, seemingly not on this plane of existence.

In a way, they are what could be called angels, but also aliens, demons, and even gods.

It is common for people in altered states of consciousness to witness those beings and chalk them up to being simple hallucinations. it is way less common for them to be able to communicate with a person; for that, the person' s soul needs to be in a place in between dimensions, which is usually the case for people who are either close to death or dying. The beings will offer a deal; they will possess the person in question, in exchange that person will live and gain supernatural abilities. Those abilities can vary - in some cases it' s shapeshifting, in others it's teleportation, the gift of foreseeing, healing abilities or even bringing back the dead. Whatever the case is, the nephilim seem to be able to manipulate the fabric of reality to their will - to a certain extent. Throughout history, there have lived many nephilim, most of which would be deemed saints, prophets, or witches.

There are, however risks to this. In many cases, the merging will fail, because the barrier in between the dimensions is too strong to traverse and the soul is incompatible. This will result in something that can be described as a demonic possession; in fact, nearly all demonic possession cases in history were corrupted nephilim. This is also how many cryptids and monsters came to be, since such a person will take on terrifying shapes.[1]



Sirius is an amab, gender non-confirming, albino jackalope (rabbit with antlers) and one of Killalflies' main characters. He is 22 years old, uses any pronouns and is a pansexual. He is 6’3 feet tall, skinny, has red eyes and golden teeth and is usually described as morally dubious. He is an outlaw that lives off illegal gambling. Normally wears seapunk and similar fashion and can be depicted with any hairstyle and haircolor.[2]


Chi is female chubby and kind chihuahua, another of Killallflies’ main characters, who’s not only Sirius friend but also their romantic interest. She had a hard time in her childhood, teen years and in her young adult years, but after a, thankfully, not sucessful suicide attempt she decide to overcome everything and be independent. Currently she is an waitress and works in a cafe and is doing very well. She is 23 years old, bisexual and is 5’1 feet tall. When drawn as a human, she is depicted as dark skinned and has vitiligo.[3]


Kitty is Killallflies’ sona, he is a short and skinny vampire who wears eboy or old-ish looking gothic clothes. He has cat ears (and human ears), a bit curly short black and pink hair, has skin problems because of sun and is usually drawn with tiny bat wings in his back. He is known to be a bit narcissistic, lives in his room, is gaymer, collects swords and has a cowboy kink. He is a vampire but doesn’t drink blood, only cranberry juice.[4]


Nephi or Elijah is a big fanged transmasc they/them african wild dog. They used to live in Kenya but live now in Florida. Usually, they dress like a 70’s gay surfer dad, are very optimistic and are always trying their best! They are 20 years old, their height is 5’3 feet tall, they have ADHD and their sexuality is simply: man. They also have a lizard-like pet named Sneakers.

Nephi is a nephilim, when they were 13 they slipped and fell down a flight of stairs, nearly dying and becoming, this way, one of them.[5]

Note: They are from the same universe of Sirius and Chi but are not related to their story.


Sneakers is Elijah’s lil lizard-like pet, his height is 1’9 and he uses he/it pronouns. He can speak a little bit but not much and likes to wear cute accessories. No one knows what he really is, just a silly little creacher.[6]

Note: He is also from Sirius and Chi’s universe but not related to their story.


Killallflies also has more less drawn OCs like, Pippin, Emil/Sapphire Star and Pixie.


  • He has multiple pets like dogs, cats and two bunnies named Suri and Luna.
  • He loves TES games
  • He is a sci-fi nerd
  • He is huge weeb
  • He loves 100 gec
  • He is bi but also gay af