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LupisVulpes (born September 30, 1997) is an American animator and artist from Colorado Springs, United States. She is a very popular individual for her animation memes, MAP parts, etc. She created her channel in December 23, 2009. She's also a Christian and been one for her entire life.

She is also a college student and currently working on her new show called Home Grown Dogs. She originally started making her series, Audience, though it never went anywhere, and ultimately stood as a cartoon pilot.

Her most well-known video and a meme is Waiting by the Phone. She has also created multiple original memes, such as Nightmare Parade, Stuff Is Way, etc.


In late August 2020, LupisVulpes was exposed for homophobia, transphobia and evangelizing to others by many users, including Darogan Heart , Spoctor, and Nawnii. After that she made an apology video which has been criticized for being just preaching instead of an actual apology. Since then, the current owners of the Audience characters has denounced her actions and LupisVulpes has lost thousands of followers.


  • She has a second channel called Lup's Side Account (formerly known as OtherDarkky, and MeritFerret).
  • She used to date Lethargicasino between 2014 and 2018.