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Mortal (born May 19, 2002), also known as Mortal Tezer, is a French animator and artist. She created her channel since October 16, 2015, but later started uploading videos in 2017 to present. Her first video on YouTube is "Dark and Cold"- Undertale flipnote" uploaded on February 23, 2017.

She attends high school in Brittany, France. She mentioned not being able to animate much because of her boarder status in her highschool. She used to struggle with mental health, which is apparently why she used to post a lot of vents/sad videos.


Mortal was born on May 19, 2002, in France. She attends and studies at the high school. Mortal created her channel since 2015 but first uploaded her "Dark and Cold"- Undertale flipnote which was made on Flipnote 3DS on February 23, 2017

She then moved to Flipaclip but the videos are unlisted. She is a self-taught animator who learned everything on the internet, she followed tips end then moved to Macromedia Flash 8 with her first video on the computer; WHEN I'M WITH U - animation meme. It also was one of her first animation memes.

Mortal now currently uses Adobe Animate CC for her animations. She also owns a Huion Kamvas pro 13. She animates in 24 FPS and mostly animates in tweening.

She also began to use Sony Vegas Pro 13 to edit her animations and is now moving to Adobe After Effects for editing.

OCs and Description

  • Mortal Tezer (main)
  ➥Female Human with brown hairs and red eyes. Always dressed of an iconic blue and orange to write gradiant. Mistaken for Chara/Frisk. She recently got marks under her eyes and a power halo. [1]
  • Kôjiro Xhus [2]
  ➥Male with browen hairs fading to blue. Big blue eyes. Often cheerfull looking, seems to get mistaken for a girl because of his mid-long hairs and partcular eyes.
  ➥Male Human/Demon looking. Very pale, tall, dark hairs, bandage covering his eyes and a "cyclop" eye in the middle. Seems to always look serious.
  ➥Unknown identity. Dark clothes. Black and yellow jacket with a fur hood. Wears a japanese Kitsune mask which hides their face.

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