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Necrofilic/Mortis is an artist and animator known for his previous association with Cult of Furor (now rebranded as Furor’s Chalice, as they no longer wish to be associated with him), being the current leader of DiCEORG, and the drama he has with GoatCatto. He uses an iPad 7 for his work (art, animation, etc.)

He is also known for his involvement in the “70bullets drama”, taking on the persona of James/70bullets (October 2019–early 2020)


Necrofilic is currently the leader of the organization known as the DiCE organization, DiCEORG, or DiCE. (Not to be confused with Danganronpa V3's Dice, ran by Kokichi Ouma)
DiCE was founded on July 29, 2020. His Discord server is infamous for doxxing, leaking nudes of minors, and the encouragement of paraphilias, among others. This has caused many outsiders to call DiCE a "cult," including ex-moderators. Said ex-moderators have also made videos calling out the organization, as well as Mortis himself.

On September 30th, 2021, less than a month after Mortis's police investigation (see below), An ex-higher-up of DiCE, Anzu, took over the server and its members and renamed the server to Heavenfell, to spite its ex for allegedly abusing it, however, Mortis denies this claim.[5]

The Heavenfell server was deleted in early November.

Police Investigation

On September 6th, 2021, Mortis's devices were seized by the Gardaí upon hearing about Mortis performing sexual acts upon his dog. To this day, his devices have yet to be returned. However, still illegally owns a cellphone, and got funding for it via his Discord's server members.


  • He’s been involved in drama with Goatcatto, Birdie’s ex girlfriend, as well as Birdie himself. Birdie has even reportedly dated one of the DiCE moderators, Dragy.
  • He is a result of dissociative identity disorder. He is in a system called 'FRUiTZ' that has over 30 members.[6][7] The host of which, is Elijah/Grant[8] (Birth name, Rachel SantosCitation needed).
  • He has issues with obsession[9]
  • He claims to be the next 'Roro-chan', referencing a real Japanese girl who committed suicide at the age of 14.[10]
  • He is yet to acknowledge and apologize to his exes for the alleged abuse he had put them through.
  • A video by YouTuber READY TO GLARE was uploaded on the 1st of July addressing Furor and his Instagram account.[11] This is one of many videos related to him and DiCE, but READY TO GLARE's video is the first one we know of.

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    “(…) I really want to get in contact with you, so if you can, make an account on a platform called Pixilart, and then post on an account with the @ as @Deactivated-Acc. (…)” — Anonymous


    But I will make a Pixilart because I have wanted it for a while.” — Necrofilic