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powdersoft is a German animator. She is considered one of the pioneers of the animation meme community and is one of the original animators in the community.

Other Names

  • Snowflake19800
  • Blacky Dee
  • Uosu
  • Zotiel
  • Nhyku
  • Powdersoft


powdersoft had asked her fans not to create their own versions of her original content due to the abuse of it, and this statement was met with negative feedback among her fans and members in the animation meme community. She is also the most known for her controversy caused by her plagiarism of the art style of Yumai, another German artist and animator.

She said in the description of her video "dance with me," that she was “not a meme machine” and she changed her name to nhyku to avoid any more drama.


  • She has created numerous memes and referenced them several times.
  • She is one of the first animators to include special effects and add more style to their animations.
  • She has a total of six alternative names.