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Pregnant is an animation meme created by Brazilian artist and animator, Stariaat in 2017.

The Meme

The meme involves the character punching the stomach of another character claiming that they are one of their best friends and they couldn't stand the fact that they are apparently pregnant. The other character asks what they are talking about, and the other OC explains everything. The other character tries to protest saying that they aren't pregnant while the other OC says that they aren't after that punch, and claiming they took Muay Thai classes. The other OC assures the other OC that they were never pregnant and that they are sure about it. But then they were wrong.

Just then another OC comes in and asks what is going on with all of the yelling, and the main OC explains that they found a positive pregnancy test and before they could finish the rest of their sentence, the other OC gets punched again by the OC interrupting the argument.


  • The audio is from the YouTube internet series, The Most Popular Girls in School, from the episode Pregnant Meme.