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Rossali (born July 19, 1998) is a Polish animator and university student who is known for their original memes which are frequently redone by other fellow animators in the community.

They are frequently mentioned and referenced in a lot of works done by others and is often cited as an inspiration by many animators.

They created their channel on August 18, 2011.


They are responsible for a lot of original memes such as OhDotto, Luvoratory, Kawaii Desho, Baka, Suki Suki, RPG, Kurisumasu!, Ban Ban Buu, Konnichiwa Kawaii Arigato, Toward, Boom Clap, Best Friend, Hime Hime, and Premature Love Romance.

Personal Life

Rossali was born on July 19, 1998, in Poland. Their sexual orientations are demiromantic and gynosexual.


Rossali uses Toon Boom, Adobe Animate, Procreate and Paint Tool SAI for her drawings and animations on both PC and iPad.


Other Social Media


  • They originally started on YouTube as 23SeaStar.
  • They originally came up with their OC by choosing random colors in MS Paint.

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