Rossali is an OC created by Polish artist and animator of the same name. The OC She based on mizore (rosario + vampire) she has become an icon and mascot of her work ever since the start of the channel.


Rossali is a 20-year-old anthropomorphic fennec fox with long purple hair. She has lilac colored fur with darker purple markings on her legs, arms, tail, and cheeks. She has pink/red eyes (used to be red and gray).


  • She adopted a larva named Croissant. His first appearance was on one of the creator's twitter posts[1], but his first appearance on her YouTube channel was in her Larva original meme[2].
  • Rossali is the creator's first and favorite OC.
  • Her blood has occasionally taken the form of a bunny. Its last appearance was in the creator's Forest Rave meme.[3]
  • In late 2011, as part of Rossali's old design, she is seen to have red and black sleeves and red stuff emerging from her teeth.


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