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sashley (born June 3, 2006), formerly known as Kushley, is an British-Romanian animator and artist known for her animation memes. She is one of the most well-known users in the animation meme community.

Sashley currently uses Adobe Animate CC for her animations, formerly used to animate with Macromedia Flash 8. She uses FireAlpaca to draw artwork and drew with a mouse up until some time in 2019-2020 where she started using a wacom tablet. She now currently uses the Gaomon tablets she's reviewed.

She originally started animating under the name Kushely, her first video being "LONE DIGGER || MEME" uploaded on March 4, 2017.

Her main OC is an anthropomorphic ragdoll cat (formerly a wolf) named Ashely. There are a few videos Sashley made about Ashely’s lore but she primarily makes animated memes. She used to ship her with Sans from Undertale.

Personal life

Sashley was born on June 3, 2006.

Any other information about her personal life will be removed, as she is a minor.



  • The fandom also received its own website dedicated to them,, especially the wiki on FANDOM, Sashley Wiki.
  • Her username, Sashley, is a mix of 'Sans' and 'Ashely.'

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