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Stariaat (born December 4, 1998) is a Brazilian artist, animator, and college student. She is known for her popular characters Annie and Nova, and is currently one of the most popular animators in the animation meme community.


She is known for having a tremendous number of views and subscribers, her signature space-themed aesthetic, and her animation quality being not as advanced as most Animators.

People have speculated that because of school and work, she doesn't have any free time which a possible reason she doesn't get any animations out all the time, nor does she have time to work on them.

Personal Life

Not much is known about her personal life since she tries to be anonymous about it. She lives in Brazil and attends college.

There is a small chance she is married and has a husband from what recent sources say.


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List of Memes

I do love you
Time Lapse
Get Lucky
Sponge on me
Bad Vibe
Bootie Bootie
Happy Halloween
Gimme Gimme Gimme
I'm ready
Marble soda
La Primavera
Papito Cachorito
Soul on Fire
Burnt Rice
Swing it
Time Lapse

Criticism & Controversies

Stariaat has been criticized by fans for the fact that her animation skills and quality is significantly lower than other popular users on YouTube.

People have speculated for accusing her of purchasing views and subscribers, although people have speculated that her popularity is actually due to over-tagging or collaborating with other famous artists.


  • Her sexual orientation is heterosexual.
  • In her new art style, since her video "Mine - meme (flashing images)," she uses a style that is resemblance to that of the infamous "CalArts style".
  • One running gag throughout her animations prior to her video "Mine - meme (flashing images)" is that she forgets to draw Annie's black and white star ears.
  • She is heavily involved in the works and career of Lithuanian animator Ghostfacenikol.