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Nova is an OC created by Stariaat. She is a white rabbit with long black hair with bangs and a black dress. She ironically enough, bears a resemblance to Playboy. She is constantly annoyed and frustrated by Annie's enormous crush on her, in which she is seen accompanying her in a lot of the memes that feature Annie trying to hit on her.

She has been featured in a Momotaro meme created by Stariaat as the central character, and in the mine meme at one point.

She was also nice enough to go along with Annie's antics in other memes.


She is a white rabbit with black and red gradient hair, and a black dress, and a moon tattoo on her upper right arm. She also has visible eyeliner on both eyes in some animations.

Her designs have changed over time, including getting a shorter bob-like haircut, and having just a shirt. She, like Annie and a lot of other OCs Stariaat has created, had been repurposed to a human instead of a rabbit for the comic strip she has been producing.


  • It is unknown if she is homosexual too, or if she is straight and just annoyed by the fact that Annie hits on her.
  • Her original design may have been based on the Playboy logo and/or girls in the lifestyle.