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Synnibear03 (born September 22, 2003), formerly known as Scootaloo Loves Sans, is an American animator in the animation meme community. She started her channel on March 11, 2014.

Hence her former username, she was a Sans fangirl. She is often attacked by other Sans fangirls, but she still tries to be nice and reasonable to them. She is one of the handful of Sans fangirls that does not claim Sans as her own.

She makes gift animations and art for people such as Kittydog, Татьяна Vaskovtale, and her girlfriend, Ambrixien, often. Scootaloo makes a comic series on Deviantart called Ponytale. She is formerly known for using Microsoft Paint and Gimp but currently uses Paint Tool Sai or Ibis Paint X for drawing, and Firealpaca or Flipaclip for animating.


Synthia was born on September 22, 2003, in the United States.

Around April 2020, she changed her username from 'Scootaloo Loves Sans' to Synnibear03, same to her DeviantArt username.



In recent times Synnibear03 has the subject of controversy. Streamline Workshop has suggested that she is becoming like Birdie due to having a crush on her. Her former girlfriend Kayla has also claimed Synnibear03 told her that she was straight, also she was emotionally abused by Synni.