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TASTYJAM03 aka Pinkfur Studios(dead channel) is a braziliian animator that makes various videos on his YT channel , mostly being animation memes.


  • Their sexual orientation is Gay
  • They dislike foods with onion and garlic.
  • They have dysphoria due to not feeling comfortable with their gender identity.


Alex is not sure about his artstyle, but their inspirations are: Sashley, FlamingHornz, Pexzibelle Rules, etc.

Old channel

Alex had an old channel called Pinkfur Studios, which was abandoned for their new channel and alias "TASTYJAM03".

This new channel was supposed to be a shitpost channel, but they turned this into their main channel.


Alex has been drawing since they were young. At 8 years old they started to draw as a hobby inspired by the animated webseries "Battle For Dream Island" or BFDI.


Phone :

  • animating: Flipaclip
  • drawing: ibis paint X/ sony sketch sometimes
  • editing: CapCut, Kinemaster, Cute Cut Pro


  • animating: FlipaClip
  • drawing: Ibis Paint X
  • editing: iMovie,Kinemaster


  • Animating: Adobe Animate, Firealpaca
  • Drawing: Firealpaca (Mostly), MS Paint, Paint 3D, Medibang Paint
  • Editing: Kapwing, After Effects, Windows Movie Maker, Clideo