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Jeremy, or Skrill, (born September 22, 2001), known in online as TWISTED-DOCTOR and formerly and famously known as Sleepykinq, is an Italian YouTube animator and artist. He is widely known for making animation memes exclusively and extremely prominent within the animation meme community.

He created his YouTube channel on November 18, 2014, and achieved more than 550K subscribers as of May 2020.

He's currently developing a psychological horror interactive webcomic/game called Doll Eye.

On May 19, 2020, his username was changed from Sleepykinq to TWISTED-DOCTOR due to his statement that he associated with unpleasant memories and doesn't feel connected to it.


He published a web-comic titled NIGHTMARE, which was renamed to Re-NIGHTMARE. However, he was heavily criticized for the plot, the controversial traits in his characters (predominantly the character Mystery), and 'same face syndrome'. He deleted the web-comic since he decided to redesign the characters, and wouldn't want to be reminded of the past again. He won't appreciate it if someone re-uploads it somewhere else.

He's now currently developing another project titled “Doll Eye”, a chaptered visual novel psychological horror game that features many of his characters.



  • Skrill is Sleepykinq's preferred name.[1] He would prefer to be called "Jeremy" if people don't like to call him "Skrill."[2]
  • His Zodiac Sign is Virgo.[3]
  • His nickname is Skrill because he used to be obsessed with Skrillex and Minecraft Creepers, and his very old username was "skrillcreeper", people started calling him Skrill which stayed with him ever since.[4]
  • Skrill is also the name of the dragon from the Dreamworks film "How to Train Your Dragon", although Skrill mentions he had no idea the dragon's name was Skrill. [5]

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