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Terenry RM (born October 6) is a self-taught animator and is well-known for their numerous AMVs, animation memes, and MAP parts. They created their channel on September 14, 2013, and their first video was posted on November 12, 2014. They are great friends with Isybel and elmira_503.

They used to animate MAP parts before and very rarely makes animation memes. They are known to make AMVs (Animated Music Videos) featuring their original characters.

Terenry mainly uses Paint Tool SAI and Vegas Pro 12 to draw, animate, and edit through on the computer. They often uses Flipaclip to animate, and Power Director to edit videos on the phone.


They currently have 2 fursonas: Tere (main) and Soru (secondary). Which references can be found on

Other characters could be found more efficiently on her

They have over 90 original characters and they will be revealing their stories and connections through AMVs.

Other content


Terenry has been creating a short animated series called RandomThings with their friend Elmira since 2016. There are currently 3 episodes (with the third split into 2 parts) and they can be found on a second channel here.