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Frogpoles (born September 16), commonly referred to as Frog and formerly known as ThisIsFrog, is a Canadian animator and artist.


Frog created their YouTube channel on January 28, 2017 and uploaded their first video on April 3rd, 2017 (which is now privated). Frog is moderately popular in the animation meme community, having garnered at least 200K+ subscribers before hiding their subcount.

Despite having gained recognition from videos catered towards numerous fandoms (notably Detroit: Become Human and Countryhumans) in the past (before privating said videos), Frog is particularly known for their Screentime animations, especially their 16 Shots meme (which is currently their most viewed video on their channel).

  • Screentime (formerly known as Social Media Personified (Abbr. SMP), Social Media Humanized) started as a lighthearted series of shitposts on their Instagram, which depicted personified social media and other various sites. It is still similar to that to this day with the only difference being that it shifted onto their YouTube. Much of their character designs, including appearance, traits, and personality, have gone through many changes, which is very evident when comparing older videos/posts to more recent works.

On March 7, 2021, they had decided to abruptly private all of their videos, except for their Twitter x Reddit Amv, as well as delete a large portion of their community posts. However, since May 5, 2021, they had been relisting some of their videos (specifically their more popular ones) with many of their comment sections set as disabled.

  • Frog hasn't publicly stated an exact reason on why they privated their videos; they chose to relist a few of their videos so that their subscribers would stop bothering their friends about why they were missing.


  • Their main persona, Frog, is a lime-green frog with a gold scarf and top hat.

Other Media

  • YouTube
    • Their Youtube channel, where they mainly post animations, MVs, and other shitpost videos.
  • Instagram
    • Frog's dead Instagram Instagram account, which they stopped using on May 20th, 2020 due to its interface and how it ruins image quality. On April, 2021, they abruptly archived all of their posts except for an uncaptioned fanart of Sans, Monika, and Baldi.
  • Drawception
    • Frog used to play Drawception very actively for a long time until Mid-2018, where they started to become less active. More info here about their Drawception days.


  • Frog's Main Tumblr and the socialmediapersonified Tumblr both got temporarily suspended June 12th, 2020 with no explanation. It was quickly brought back within the following days but still with no explanation as to why the ban happened.
  • Frog's YouTube Channel was also terminated within the same month, on June 29th, 2020 their YouTube Channel was terminated for "Spam/Misleading Content" about 30 minutes after they posted this video (now privated on YouTube), which was never happening on the channel. This was also dealt with quickly and their channel was quickly returned within the following days.