Typh (formerly known as Typhsketch) is a Polish-American animator. She uses her OC, Typh in most of her animation. Her main fursona is Hazel.

She is the creator of the Strawberry Sweater, N.S.T, Occupied, Lies, J'OUVERT, Soulja Deer, and Starboy animation memes.

She uses FireAlpaca for animation, Paint Tool SAI v2 for drawing, Sony Vegas Pro 14 for editing, and works with a Huion Kamvas Pro tablet.


  • She is a big fan of American alternative hip hop band Brockhampton and uses their music frequently in her animations.
  • Her name is derived from Typhlosion for short.
    • The origin of the name is derived from her Minecraft account username, Typlosion03.
  • Her inspirations are VivziePop for drawing, and kittydog for animating.
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