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Wolfychu (March 23, 1995) is an Irish-Australian former animator in the animation meme community; her content now consists of animated storytimes and animatics.


She started uploading her animations onto YouTube in 2016 and has since grown a cult following in the past few years. Her main goal is to make other people happy through her art and animations.

Aside from her animations, she also uploads song covers with her boyfriend, one of which is a cover of the song "It's Not Like I Like You!!" which soon became the most popular video on her channel reaching over 12 million views. Her main focus on YouTube is her story time videos about her personal life and her days in high school.

She has collaborated with many animators in the past and has become somewhat of a household name among the animation meme community.

In 2018, she stopped making animation memes and moved on to making animatics and storytime videos. She also has a second channel where she makes dubs with SweetoTOONS in Russian and Spanish. At the start of 2021, however, she uploaded the Mamma Mia animation meme, the first meme she’s uploaded in 2 years. Since then she’s uploaded one more which is the Trypophobia meme.

Personal Life

She was born in Surrey, England, United Kingdom, but moved to Australia when she was a teenager with her family. She is in a relationship with Jordan Sweeto (who runs SweetoTOONS).



  • She is fluent in speaking and writing Spanish, and can also speak some Russian.
  • She has collaborated with many other animators such as TheOdd1sOut, Stariaat, SMG4, and Katzun.
  • She has a puppy named Mochi which she got with her boyfriend in June 2019.