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Wolfy is the character of British/Australian animator Wolfychu in 2016. She is the main character and is the face of her channel.


She is featured in all of Wolfychu's videos and in her story time videos as well narrating the story. She is seen narrating all of the YouTuber's personal stories but from the first person.


Wolfy is an anthropomorphic white-furred wolf with short blue hair. She has a large fluffy tail.

She usually is seen wearing short skirts or dresses with stockings. Her main outfit is a dark blue dress resembling a typical Japaneese school girl outfit complemented with thigh high navy blue stockings. The dress has 4 buttons in the middle, a red lined pattern at the bottom, white and yellow sleeves, and a tie.

She is sometimes seen with a light pink sweatshirt with a black skirt and stockings and loafers sometimes.


She is very kind-hearted, patient, happy, bubbly, and often tells funny jokes.


  • She appears to be the main character that represents Wolfychu in real life the most.
  • She appears in every meme done by Wolfychu and her channel.
  • She is seen appearing to be narrating all of the story time videos done by Wolfychu.