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yeagar (born December 8, 1999), known by her real name, Georgia, is a Canadian artist and animator, most well known for her animated memes featuring her character Darcie.

She is heavily involved in the animation meme community, and as a result, her character has become a huge icon and huge inspiration for many animators and artists in the animation community.


Yeagar, (real name Georgia), was born on December 8, 1999, in Yellowknife, Canada. Around 2009, she created a YouTube channel and started animating and drawing, inspired by Warriors. However, the youtube channel has since been lost to time.

Around April 2016, she started dating her current boyfriend Richard, whom she calls Richie. She apparently almost quit animation before her friend Suzie encouraged her to start again. On August 29, 2016, she made her current youtube channel. In 2017, she started taking art courses in hopes of going to her dream university, Sheridan. She was accepted and started her first year in September 2018.


Most of Yeagar's characters are monster girls - she only has a few furry and human OCs. The majority of them are made with her best friend Kol.

  • Darcie (Mascot)
    • In mid-2020, Yeagar changed her name from 'Darkie' to 'Darcie' after made aware of the underlying meaning of the name used as a racial slur.
  • Momoko (Fursona)

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  • She heavily involves and mentions Chinjireta in her works.
  • She has numerous OC's that are all based on different personalities she has.
  • Yeagar´'s zodiac is a Sagittarius, Sagittarius birthdays are on the dates between November 22 and December 21

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