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Darcie is an extremely popular OC (original character) created by Canadian artist/animator, yeagar. She is widely-known for being over-sexualized, and is considered an icon of the animation meme community.

She has been featured on most of the memes that yeagar has made and is often seen wearing either a sweater, dress, or lingerie respectively to fit the theme of her channel.

On June 3rd, 2020; Yeagar made a PSA statement on Twitter and Instagram saying that she would change her name from Darkie to Darcie due to the backlash of 'Darkie' name originally used as a racial slur.


Appearance of Darcie

Darcie is a humanoid, chocolate brown lynx. Her ears are tufted, and she has curly, thick hair that is shoulder length. She has square-shape spots on her cheeks of a lighter brown color, which is the same shade as the underside of her hands and feet.

She is overweight with big boobs and buttocks, and is often over-sexualized in most of the animation memes that feature her. She wears a wide variety of clothes, ranging from all-black to lolita, which generally are revealing of her frame - she is mostly known for having a body-length tank top with a heart cut in the middle of the shirt where her boobs start, with no pants. She loves accessories, but oddly dislikes things on her hands and wrists.

Her eyes are light green in color.


Darcie is rather easygoing around most anybody, and tends to overshare with complete strangers. She's sassy in nature, and rather combative towards negativity and rudeness. 

As a rule, she tries to be polite and friendly, but can quickly turn bitter towards those who wronged her or her loved ones. Despite being outgoing, she is very awkward and tends to say things that make people uncomfortable. She is incredibly motherly and caring for people, and resembles a milf by prospect.

She is very perceptive of others emotions and is very quick to recognize when someone is upset or angry with her. She dislikes confrontation or arguments, and would rather problems go ignored than resolve them. She is incredibly loving towards her friends, but is very bad at staying in communication and responding regularly. In general, she is very anti-social and would rather be alone than with friends.

She is quite promiscuous and enjoys showing off her body with revealing clothing. She is also very sarcastic a lot of times.


Darcie has no backstory or ongoing story she simply exists as a fursona, representing the more confident, outgoing side of her creator.


  • Aika - Darcie is her mother, but she was unable to take care of her, and gave her to Rina to take care of.
  • Degu - Degu is Darcie's boyfriend, who she loves physical affection from.
  • Momoko - Degu is also dating Momoko, and presumably her and Darcie are at least friends!


  • Originally, she was a Warrior Cats OC named Darkshadow - however she was nicknamed Darkie, which stuck and the character was reinvented. However, the name has been controversial as it sounds similar to the word, "Darky" which has racial origins in the USA, and most of her audience is American which is connected to that. As a result, her name was changed from 'Darkie' to 'Darcie'.
  • Darcie was created in 2010, but was originally black with blue patches, and yellow eyes. However, she was redesigned to a brown lynx in late 2014.
  • Her favorite color is pastel pink.
  • She is one of the most frequent characters where fan art is made of her due to her excessive sexual nature.